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About me

I am an ambitious, creative, and self-motivated people-person with a very diverse background. I have worked many jobs (in sales, real estate, field marketing, customer service, event management, and tour guiding), lived different lifestyles, and traveled the world. 


I have raised cheetahs in South Africa, organized ceremonies and retreats in Mexico, and led groups of up to 25 people on 12-day tours across Sri Lanka. I have won sales contests with a territory across the state of Colorado, managed concerts while leading a team of 10+, helped Denverites find apartments while on a fully commission-based pay structure, and started my own photography business. I have dressed as a blood drop mascot for a blood drive in an airport, set appointments at fairs for radon testing, booked timeshare tours at amusement parks, and represented over 100 brands. I have talked to shoppers in Costco about their furnace needs, hosted stein-hoisting contests in front of hundreds, and sold snowboard boots to snowboarders as a life-long skier.


Throughout my experiences, I have discovered a lot about myself:

I am a fast learner, and I love the excitement of change. I am driven, and see myself as someone who not only can wear many hats, but someone who thrives on it. I am passionate about human connection, and am confident in my ability to find, build, and maintain strong, lasting relationships while making an impact on both a company and all of its customers. Finally, I love a bit of competition, and am always ready to jump into any challenge feet first.

Although I have found great success in my experiences thus far and have been offered a management positions at four of my prior workplaces, my path has taken me in a different direction. In January of 2022, I decided to resume my studies full-time at Montana State University. By the end of 2022, I made the Dean's List, graduated with Honors, and earned my Bachelors in Business Management. Now, I am eager to dive back into the professional world and find my next challenge.

What Makes Me Tick

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone. Solving Problems. Dynamic Environments.

Taking Risks. Wearing Many Hats. Building Relationships. Networking. Travel.

The Excitement of Uncertainty. Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mental Health.

Making an Impact. Seeing Ideas Come to Life.

Authenticity. Transparency. Vulnerability. Fearlessness. Love. 

My Core Values









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